Why I Cut Off All My Hair


“Life’s too short not to have really exciting hair” Jenna Marbles


Ok, so I might not be into dying my hair crazy colors, since my hair is black, SIGH, but I do love changing my hair. My hair journey started when I was 14, the year before high school my mom let me highlight my hair. It. Was. Special. Please don’t make fun of how awkward and 14 I was. I already know.



These pictures were taken a year apart. I know my aging process was a little dramatic we aren’t going talk about it. Two years later I chopped off all my hair and donated it.


I’m going to be a little real here. Cutting off my hair was an irrational decision. I woke up that morning and decided that was it, I wasn’t going to have long hair anymore, and gone went 10 inches of my hair. I honestly felt amazing it was a feeling I will never be able to get back. I had relied so much on my hair to make me feel beautiful. I had long, beautiful, straight (well that’s kind of a lie we will get to that later) hair. People envied my hair, it made me feel good at the same time, and I know it sounds really dumb, but I kind of hated that my hair was the only thing I thought was beautiful about myself. I used my hair as a crutch, and it was time for me to get rid of that crutch. I had a new high, hair cutting and I couldn’t wait until my next fix.


This was probably my best haircut, I must admit it. Going from shoulder length to a bob wasn’t really crazy, again I felt lighter, but I couldn’t capture the amazing feeling I, had after the ten inches of hair suddenly was freed from head. I chose to work on my other hair vice, straightners. I naturally have textured hair, 3B if you need the specification. Sorry if you don’t know how hair typing works, google it, it’s pretty interesting. For my entire life I have straightened my hair, fabricating a characteristic that I was not born with. Of course I couldn’t just STOP straightening it. That was too easy. After reading this article, how did you think I solved this problem? I cut my hair. Obviously.


My most controversial haircut, just being honest. I’ve been told that I look like a boy, that my boyfriend wouldn’t approve of my hair, that boys wouldn’t like me without my hair. I’m going to get on my soap box, my life is not to look sexy to boys. If people think I’m gay because of my hair then they are small minded, if people think that my boyfriend controls what I do with my own personal body they need to reevaluate how they think about women. My hair has never determined whether or not I was beautiful, it has never determined how smart I am, it has never determined how I love those in my life. My hair journey has been long, short and everything in between, I’ve enjoyed every inch of it.


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