I chopped my hair off..but more importantly..I said YES!


I haven’t had short hair since I was in the Second grade and my mom cut my hair so I looked like a 7 year old boy!  I was new to Orlando and we just started school and I walked in the girls bathroom and some kids said, “Shouldn’t you be in the BOYS bathroom!” What evil little children! haha   All that to say I kept my hair long from there on out.  Sometimes almost freakishly long ( like I should have been living on an Amish farm or something…nothing on Amish people though! haha)  But something in me just never would let me cut it.

BUT recently I have been feeling like I needed a change..something differnt!  Now, I know I have a tendency to spiritualize everything…but in my defense everything NEEDS to be more “spiritualized”.  The Lord is just waiting for opportunities to speak to us..and for me, my hair was His megaphone.

I asked the Lord if I should cut it…not really expecting an answer.  But I feel like I got an answer as clear as can be!  I feel like He was saying, “Cut it off!!!  All of it..not half way…not just a little bit…but ALL OF IT!”  Immediately I knew that was exactly what I was supposed to do!

 My ridocusoly long hair!  🙂

 The first cut is always the scariest!


 All chopped off!!!

Well, the Lord has been speaking to me ALOT lately about saying YES to Him in ALL things and reminding me of the verse “Cutting off the sin that so easily entangles us.”   No I don’t think my hair was a sin but it was just a picture of all the things I hold on to and then when the Lord asks me to surrender it, I give him half of it and hold on tightly to the other half. He has been showing me that He really is everything and worth ALL of me.

I was reading an auto biography of a radical missionary and lover of Jesus and it hit me!  She isn’t SO much more amazing than everyone else..rather, she is just living a life saying YES to the Lord and His purposes.

What would it look like if I said YES to whatever God has for me.  Not resisting His hand, but surrendering to it.  I can’t help but read the gospels and flip through Acts and not be throughly convicted that maybe just maybe I am missing something.

I was talking to someone the other day and she was struggling with doubting if the Lord was really there, present, and alive.  She was telling me, “If I really knew that God was real I would have no problem giving Him everything.  I would have no issue with suffering because it would make sense that if He really is who He says He is, that this life is about living for Him and eternity would be all that we would live for.  If I really knew He was real, than I would of course say Yes to Him in everything because if I really believed all who He says He is, I would see that it doesn’t matter what happens to me in this life.”

I started thinking…. Geezee..I really DO belive that God is real and living and I don’t feel like I’m doing ANY of those things!

I want to say YES to him, whether it be a silly little haircut, or selling every possession I have!  I want to live how we were meant to live- recognizing that our lives are NOTHING more than to be His bond servants, living and moving through Him…being passionate lovers of Him and giving ourselves daily as a sacrifice at His feet. Knowing that this life is NOT our reward, but rather finding joy in the midst of suffering and sacrifice knowing that eternity is our reality.

I know what you thinking, how in the WORLD did I get all this from a measly little haircut?!  haha


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